How to treat psoriasis of the scalp

Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, which factors the occurrence of which say:

  • Often the mechanical effect on the skin of the head in the form of friction, rubbing, intense scratching.
  • Use cosmetics for care of hair, providing irritant effect on the skin.
  • Allergic reactions characterized by continuous emergence.
  • Dryness of the hair and the skin of the head, manifested in the form of dandruff, which is the cause of seborrheic psoriasis.
  • Often stress and depression.
  • The presence of diseases, non-infectious type.
  • A sharp change in lifestyle, which is manifested in the rejection of bad habits or following a strict diet, as well as the weather conditions, when moving to another climate zone.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Hormonal disturbances.
  • Incorrect and untimely food.
  • Bad habits.

The clinical picture of the disease depends on a variety of psoriasis:

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The most common form of the disease is diagnosed in almost 90% of patients with psoriasis. It is characterized by the following features:

  • inflamed skin areas of the head is red, the top covered with grey skin, which is characterized by drought and the large number of scales. The site of the lesion is marked by a local increase in temperature;
  • the gray skin layer can be easily removed and red under the skin quickly injured and bleeding.

Such areas of the skin are called psoriatic plaques. They tend to increase in size, merging with other platelets, to form the whole cluster.


Manifests as skin lesions, similar to the drops, which is dryness, redness and swelling. The main reason for the development of guttate psoriasis have a streptococcal infection.


The most serious form of psoriasis characterized by the appearance on the skin of the head bubbles or blisters filled with clear fluid pustules. The skin around these lesions comes to redness and swelling. When pustular form of psoriasis, the likelihood of exacerbation, when the transparent fluid inside the blisters is replaced by the purulent content.

Psoriasis the head of all three types can be improved.


Development of psoriasis scalp is characterized by the following steps:

  • Progressive. In the initial stage due to the emergence of a large number of small communities, which tend to rapid growth and merger.
  • In place. This stage is the cessation of the growth of plaques, which are beginning to be covered with scales.
  • Regressive. Marked resorption of plaques, and reduces peeling of the skin of the head, education and training are a pale appearance.


Magnifying glass

Therapeutic measures, the purpose of which is to get rid of psoriasis is complex, involving both external and internal effects of the disease. The main means of psoriasis in the head are:

  • Medication. If the patient has moderate or severe forms of the disease psoriasis medications.
  • Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is well established in the treatment of hairline psoriasis. By far the most proven and highly effective methods of physiotherapy effects.
  • The light treatment. There is a way to suppress the symptoms of psoriasis of the uv rays. The most positively proven PUVA therapy which involves exposure to ultraviolet light. The irradiation is carried out after the administration of light to the drug, which increases the skin's sensitivity to light. After that, when it is possible the penetration of UV radiation to the deeper layers of the skin, which can be used to effectively deal with the disease.
  • The cold treatment. The method is characterized by short-term exposure to cold of the skin areas of the head.

The essence of the procedure, cryotherapy is the following:

  • the patient is located in a special device;
  • the camera passes through a cool gas temperatures down to -130 degrees. The result is an immediate cooling of the skin, and the stimulation of natural protective processes;
  • in this position the patient is in a couple of minutes.

Effect of cold treatment is achieved by completing the entire course, consisting of 30 sessions. Daily can be up to 4 treatments that will help to remove the itching and pain as well as inflammation.

Laser treatment

In this case, the laser is used. Its advantage has a therapeutic effect on the affected areas of the skin without affecting healthy areas. Procedures differ harmlessness:this is manifested in the lack of scarring and subsequent pigmentation after treatment.

Shampoos to treat psoriasis of the head the hair is divided into several categories:



The compositions necessarily contain tar, birch, willow and pine trees in the form of pine, juniper. These components contribute to the:

  • the removal of excess sebum-manifestations;
  • skin cleansing from dead cells;
  • removal creams, oily consistency;
  • relieves inflammation and itching;
  • the suppression of growth of fungal microorganisms.

They have a calming effect, coping with the itching sensations on the skin.


Potent effect against the the fungus is achieved due to the strengthening of the beginning of the application of the shampoo you tickle sensations. The active substance of this group is ketoconazole. Shampoo with this ingredient:

  • clean fungal damage;
  • soothe the skin;
  • improve the affected areas.

Shampoo ideal to combat all sorts of fungal infections of the scalp.


Therapeutic class of shampoos is characterized by:

  • salicylic acid;
  • urea;
  • ihtiola;
  • zinc and others.

They have powerful antibacterial and moisturizing effect. Medicated shampoos are presented in a wide range.

Folk remedies

To remove the symptoms of psoriasis, often use the recipes of traditional medicine. Pay attention to the available at home:


  • I'm a woman. Often used in essential essences are: ylang-ylang, marjoram, myrrh, sandalwood, geranium. Sea buckthorn oil is not as effective in the treatment of disease. Has a calming effect, restores the skin.
  • Linen. Flax seed oil help stop inflammation, relieve swelling, rapid healing of the affected areas of the head.

These oils are made of the mask on the head:

Recipe 1:
  • burdock oil amount a couple of spoonfuls of mix 5 drops of ylang-ylang and chamomile;
  • the mixture is heated and rubbed into the skin of the head;
  • the mask is left on for 40 minutes, then wash off with shampoo.

A positive result occurs in rapid healing of the skin, improves the hair structure, prevents hair loss.

Recipe 2:
  • grape seed oil the amount of a teaspoon mixed with a tablespoon of grapefruit pulp;
  • add 10 drops of essential essence of lemon;
  • the oil mixture is rubbed on the affected areas and leave for half an hour;
  • at the end of the desired time mask is washed off.

Coal-tar soap

The popularity of Soaps is due to the following features:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • the destruction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • disinfection of the affected areas;
  • removal of the painful and itchy sensations.

Coal-tar soap can have a drying effect. This should be taken into account in patients with increased dryness of the scalp. It should also be prepared for the fact that the soap is quite pungent odor.


Prescription for psoriasis: the onion is crushed, wrapped in cheesecloth and may affect the skin for a few minutes. When the whole head is washed with cold water, and the localization of plaques to apply a medical ointment.



One of the most important causes of psoriasis include allergic reactions. During treatment it is important to stick to a certain diet:

  • exclusion from the diet alcoholic products;
  • the presence of the power involved eat small portions and take a break three hours;
  • to minimize the consumption of salt;
  • waiver of smoked meat and pickles;
  • apart from diet artificial additives, dyes and preservatives;
  • often fresh fruit and vegetable products;
  • daily use products dairy products type.


To prevent the appearance of psoriasis on the scalp useful:

  • To avoid sun burns.
  • To diagnose and treat any disease.
  • Carefully wash and comb your hair.
  • Regular shampooing through preventive and curative shampoos.
  • Stick to a healthy and nutritious food.
  • Avoid stressful conditions.
  • Pick up cosmetics for the care of scalp and hair according to their type.

Despite the fact that psoriasis scalp is a serious disease, its treatment can be quick and painless. The main thing – to follow the recommendations of your doctor and carefully monitor their health, warning of pathological manifestations.